We’re Working On It

We’ve been visiting our families last week and this week, giving our 2-year-old some dedicated, quality time with his grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. First we saw Randy’s family in South Florida, and now we are with my family in South Georgia. To get from there to here yesterday, we took a six-hour road trip with a toddler. Continue reading “We’re Working On It”

When They Go Low, We Also Go Pretty Low

I’ve been writing essays about my experiences for most of my adult life, partly as a record for my family and partly as a contribution to public discourse on the human condition, even when what I have to say is not very good or interesting, which is most of the time. Continue reading “When They Go Low, We Also Go Pretty Low”

“or else i’ll forget” friday: part 1

I’ve been plugging away at the birthday list and am pleased to report I am on target for accomplishing just shy of an eighth of the list before I turn 38. The crux of my “writing to remember or else I’ll forget” practice is the writing and remembering or else part, and so here we are. Welcome to “Or Else I’ll Forget” Fridays, a not-at-all regular series wherein I try to remember what the hell I’m doing with my life.

Continue reading ““or else i’ll forget” friday: part 1″

a word on co-parenting

“I can’t wait to read about this experience after it comes out of the spin cycle.”

That’s the last thing I heard Randy say as he disappeared into the lab, wrestling both a toddler and the giant bag of tricks I brought with us to distract Moses from the sword being aimed menacingly in his direction. I cowered in the corner of an adjacent file room, near Moses but out of his sight, plotting our escape. Continue reading “a word on co-parenting”