When They Go Low, We Also Go Pretty Low

I’ve been writing stories about my experiences for most of my adult life, partly as a record for my family and partly as a contribution to public discourse on the human condition, even when what I have to say is not very good or interesting, which is most of the time. I write about living an imperfect life and I lean on my own relentless fallibility for inspiration, because our stories – even the navel-gazing, not-very-interesting ones – are the connective tissue that binds generations together, that link the past to the present and future, and that bring together all the pieces in the picture of our complete selves, even when our selves are sometimes jerks. Our stories satisfy a fundamental human desire to learn from our experiences, to grow from them, to figure out where we went wrong and how to do things differently next time. Our stories also have the benefit of creating community around shared vulnerabilities, because listen, we are all fucked up, and we are all just trying to get through every day without ramming our heads into a brick wall.

In the time that I’ve been telling my stories, I’ve lived a full and scandalous life. I fell in love and got married. I fell out of love and got divorced. I fell in love again, but this time I wasn’t in a hurry to get married. So I had a baby instead. That’s where today’s story picks up.

I recently shared a story that was made up mostly of me verbally processing my post-election depression, and I briefly touched on finding our way through the dark after two pregnancy losses. Those were hard words to write and even harder to share, so it was especially unnerving when those words found themselves on the receiving end of a diatribe in the comments from a reader calling herself “Darlene Alderson.” I have decided to share Darlene’s ill-advised Interneting with you for your entertainment and to correct the record, because that’s what I get to do when a story is mine, even when – especially when – some of you don’t like it very much.

Take it away, “Darlene.”

Wow. Big surprise. Seriously, I knew that you were already the most self-absorbed person when you were back he the south, but come on. The fake crap about Randy being depressed and him having the gall to have your at the time husband take him to the airport when he left her.

Dear Darlene,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I have a feeling we’re going to make a lot of progress today on some ancient history very few people care about. I’d like to thank you in advance for bringing to the discussion your medical degree and a wildly inaccurate timeline of events that had nothing to do with you.

Whom ever was the home wrecker, the two of you should stop, at least publicly, being the complete antithesis of utter crap and have the human decency to admit you guys left your wonderful partners for one another.

Whomever is one word, although you mean the nominative whoever; homewrecker is one word; and I think you would benefit from looking up the meaning of antithesis.

Though they are much better off without you and living amazing lives that wouldn’t have been possible with the two of you there, one has to think “what type of psychopaths do what they’ve done to spouse, family and friends?

Now you’re starting to make some pretty good points, Darlene. One does have to think, “What type of psychopath makes an issue of someone else’s marriage and divorce, which is a very common thing that happens to 50 percent of marriages, especially when one literally just stated for the record that everything is amazing and everyone is better off?” One really has to think about that, Darlene.

Yes, your child is a blessing, just make sure he the the acception to the rule, as there is obviously something between you and your narasstic life, and husband, that is, well, terrifying.

I honestly don’t even know what any of this means, Darlene, and invite you to consider using spellcheck the next time you troll me, but let me be clear about one thing: If you speak another word about my child here or anywhere else, do not find yourself alone with me in a dark alley. Then you will have a story to tell.

Especially your manipulation of your loved ones and friends. I’m sorry for the people that continue to support you as friends, as they don’t know the full story. Here’s an idea: though the spouses your let for each are much better without your lies and presence, why don’t you ALL go off the grid? The few people that have been blinded by you two are probably too good to be a part of this absolute lack of respect for those you pledged it to. Trust me, we are all glad that the two of you are gone, but we don’t hate you. You aren’t deserving of that. You do, however, deserve to be reminded of the lives you destroyed… not just [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]’s, as they thrive without all your egotistical spells. Too bad that so many of your joint “friends” have been hypnotized. Enjoy yourselves, your lives and your obvious need for attention.

OK, well this tirade is getting a little long and drunk in the tooth, Darlene, but I am truly concerned about all the tangential people whose lives were utterly destroyed by my havoc. Please do let me know who and where they are and what sort of amends they need from me to make their lives whole again. We will also take your suggestion under advisement that all two of us go off the grid, but as you may have learned when someone held a gun to your head and forced you to read my stories, we watch a lot of HGTV, and did you know off-gridders have their own TV show now?

We all know that will never change and how great you think you are. Some of us were not drinking you kool-aide while you were in the south. Live a happy existence, but know your past never goes away.

You’ve clearly read my writing and you seem to know me in some small way, Darlene, so you must know my most enduring theme is how everything I touch turns to disintegrated shoe leather. Why, just today I killed a succulent. Do you know how hard it is to kill a succulent, Darlene? Do you?

Also, do not insult southerners by saying you are one. If so, you would have had the courage to admit what you and your “husband” did two the other two you promised to love and cherish.

I’m not sure what kind of unimpeachable values you believe Southerners possess, Darlene, but it seems to me you might not know many in real life if you think we are all completely immune to moral turpitude, or worse yet, plain ole bad choices, like deciding to marry the wrong person when we were barely out of diapers. For reference, to be Southern literally means “to be a native of the South,” which is an indisputable fact about a person who was born in the hills of East Tennessee and raised in a small town just above the Georgia gnat line; whose ancestors entered this country in the 1600s through the Port of Charleston in South Carolina and went on to found missionary communities in Alabama, financed by the irredeemable crime of slave ownership, before settling in South Georgia, where they attached themselves to a gambling ring bankrolled by a lucrative highway robbery operation. On second thought, Darlene, you’re probably right to assign me some moral value based on my heritage, which is, as I’ve mentioned, pretty Southern.

Though it’s possible to have many side to a story, the disregard you have shown to all of us is abominable.

I am truly sorry for all the ways I wronged you, Darlene. When something I do causes pain to people I love or once loved or was once trolled by, it really does make me pause to take stock of my behavior and how my actions impact the world around me. I accept your critique and am sharing your words as part of my story, so that we may all learn from them and go forth endeavoring to please you, Darlene, with your poor mastery of the English language; your stale, misplaced angst; and your weird desire to keep up with my doings, even when you think so little of me.

But the again, you’ve always been a cold snowman that seems invincible. Ps, we’ve been tired of your egocentric blogs for years. Get a hobby that doesn’t involve telling the world how great you and Jesus are. We don’t buy it, though you are the whore in this disgusting arrangement.

If you hated the blog, you are really going to hate the book.

So glad the two of you sociopaths found one another. Good luck with rearing a normal child. The wedding pics of you preggers we great. Hmmm, hope he sticks around.

Our son was eight days old when we eloped, which is a matter of public record, Darlene. But thank you for saying so — we quite like our wedding photos, too.


A mere mortal who is doing her best, despite you, Darlene


Like many of you, I am doing the best I can. We’re doing our best with this marriage, and our kid, and this life, and our pasts and present and future, and these stories. And sometimes the best may not be good enough, because life is hard and we aren’t always good at this. Things can be shitty. Sometimes things end. Stories end. And whether our stories are that we turned 30 without knowing how to cook or clean or otherwise fend for ourselves, or we discovered some pretty dark things during the sleep deprivation of new parenthood about what our unconditional love for a tiny human makes us capable of, or we fell in and out of love and hurt some people pretty bad in the process, we are still deserving of love and understanding and empathy and kindness when our stories end. Every last one of us.

Even you, Darlene.


16 thoughts on “When They Go Low, We Also Go Pretty Low

  1. What astounds me about this rant is… well there are actually numerous things.
    The assumption that anyone who remained friends with you does not have the full story, but this person does (lol). The assumption that your previous partners are above criticism and completely innocent in anything that goes wrong in their romantic lives (I mean, this is true of exactly no one in a voluntary relationship). The belief in “good” and “evil” people, instead of just humans who do human things, which include both bad and good things. The frozen-in-time nature of this person’s mindset – I cannot believe anyone is harboring such bitterness so long after the fact, particularly because this does not seem to be either of the redacted former spouses. The oblique suggestion that people should stay in unhappy marriages to protect their families’ and friends’ apparently-very-tenuous balance in life.
    I am left wondering how this person has lived such a perfect and flawless life that they can stand on a pedestal judging you, and how they know you so well that they have deemed you comic-book-level villains. And why they would bother even writing or caring, if you are so beneath them.

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  2. “I’m sorry for the people that continue to support you as friends, as they don’t know the full story.”

    “The few people that have been blinded by you two are probably too good to be a part of this absolute lack of respect for those you pledged it to.”

    Oooh, someone’s talking about me. Hey someone: Eat my dick!

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  3. Holy mother of god, Jules, WHO IS THIS PERSON? And why can’t they move the fuck on already? It wouldn’t be hard to just NOT read this blog. I mean, I’m going to keep on because I love it, you, and I love the shit out of your family.
    Darlene, stop it. It’s enough.

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  4. Humorous! Been on that receiving end of hatred and lost friends and family because of what people thought they knew. Sorry for them. I love my life. I love everyone in my life. Always tried to do the best I could and be kind.

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  5. Spot on. As I like to say, anyone who does not believe in divorce has not met the right person yet. And what Southerner does not believe in the manifest destiny of stories, if not of the teller? Surely only fear of one’s own stories could engender such fear of yours (which are beautiful IMHO). That’s a story in itself.

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  6. Wait, am I being called Jesus? That is certainly some crazy shit right there. I appreciate the kind words, but Darlene, are you really thinking I’m Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, a Jewish preacher and religious leader who became the central figure of Christianity, especially this close to Good Friday and Easter? In one breath you are calling my wife a whore and in the next, you are calling me the son of God. It’s time to check your medication. This rant is very trumpish. Are you a supporter?!? Ewwww

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  7. I feel genuinely, non-sarcastically sad for a person who is spending this much energy and anger over the stories of someone they kinda knew a long time ago. It’s concerning. I hope they find something more fulfilling and less crazypants to do with their time. I’m sorry that in the meantime they are messing with you, because that is clearly a terrible idea.

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  8. Julie and Randy,
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The road you took is the road you needed to take to find each other. Darlene is a jealous and selfish person who spurts self righteous shit. I did not walk in your shoes or in Randy’s, but I walked next to him. I saw, felt and knew of his unhappiness . He struggled with decisions. I felt his pain.
    Today I see love, happiness, contentment and a life he always dreamed of. I see the same in you….a warm, loving, compassionate and sensitive woman.
    Darlene is an ugly soul. Forget her!

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    1. I love you so much. Thank you for being such a monumentally important influence in our lives. We are so lucky to walk beside you.


  9. A lot of comments from fellow manipulated friends of the heathens in question. We’ve all been duped!

    It’s good that Julie can put together a response that’s the equivalent of brewing up some sweet tea, taking a seat on the screened-in porch, and talking this out with a certain amount of eloquence (using at least one word that I don’t know what the hell it means), diplomacy, and just the right amount of threatened violence.

    Then, fucking Elwood shows up like Elwoods do, and burns the damned house down with his searing prose for which he’s so famous.

    I would like to add a few items, if I may:

    1) You can’t call Randy Jesus. Jesus is OUR word for Randy. That is not your word.

    2) While this is stale news, it’s not surprising that a “true” Southerner such as this would still be caught up in something that happened years ago. We kind of built society on this down there.

    3) Elwood is a pisa gahbage.

    4) I was not aware that one Southerner could excommunicate a fellow Southerner. This is FANTASTIC news! I’ve got a list of former governors of Alabama (Siegelman, you’re safe), Alabama football fans, and a whole Klan on which I’d like to get the paperwork started. “Darlene”, please reach out to me directly so that I may begin the process. Now, let me find my list…

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  10. Glad to be one of the new friends and to hear the backstory. I’ve spent too much time dealing with people who know my story and path better than me and aren’t afraid to share their expert opinions on how it ought to be. Great rant and carry on. The future’s here and we are it. Be the ball.

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