Meet Cute

Ten years ago today, this hippie skied wildly through an inch and a half of snow down his slightly sloped front yard on a wintry March day in Atlanta and landed his run — for better or for worse — smack in the middle of my life.

In like a lion, as they say. He was wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants with his ski boots and spent the day talking at everyone about Phish, a band I hated, while they played noodly nonsense on an obscenely large TV in the background. I shivered in the frigid temperatures, grumbling about the cold, annoyed by the never-ending incomprehensibleness of hippies — both the people and their music. When will it be warm again, I lamented. And what’s wrong with a nice, tight three-minute rock tune, I asked myself. (I am a lot of fun at parties.)

But I don’t know, I guess snow is pretty if you look at it in the right light; and maybe there is something kind of magical about a group of musicians so talented they can compose an entirely original musical experience on the fly; and this particular hippie — with his edgy New Yorker bluntness and his impossibly perfect hair — wasn’t the worst, I supposed. So, 10 years, two kids, a house, a dog, no small amount of heartache, endless joy, countless ski trips and 30 Phish shows later, here we are.

Also, it’s 50° and sunny in Portland today, so I guess we did something right.

4 thoughts on “Meet Cute

  1. I love you both, I love you 4, oh wait, I love you five, can’t forget the dog. You complete the family! Yes, the guy is the hunk and the brains! The gal, behind the camera, is the beauty and the brains! 🥰

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