Moses vs. Vegetables

I haven’t written a single word about vegetables in the year of our Lord 2020, so I’ve decided to retire from food writing and hand over the reigns to my successor. Please help him choose a headshot for his new food blog, Moses vs Mommy, wherein the antagonist really wants you to please just TRY tomatoes and no you don’t have to wait seven years for your taste buds to change before you need to try again and yes salsa counts and yes I know dragons love tacos and no it is not spicy and ….

2 thoughts on “Moses vs. Vegetables

  1. OMG!!! It is impossible to omit anything in regards to this kid, photos or otherwise! But if I gave to choose just one headshot, it would be that last one. What a love. ❤️ Can’t wait to hear from this darling new chef!


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