Election Baby

This boy made us parents on Election Day 2014. I’ve always viewed his birth and its relationship to Election Day as a harbinger of good things — the start of our next trip around the sun together seems inextricably linked to each election season’s spirit of renewal, resetting, refreshing. I hope that take always rings true.

In kindergarten this week, Moses and his friends also had an election. The candidates were cupcakes and donuts. Donuts won handily, thanks in part, no doubt, to Moses’ tireless campaigning for the obviously better choice.

Happy birthday to our big kid and good trouble-maker. We love you like crazy.

Part 2: And Then the Rains Came

I recall exactly zero details about how we came to know I was pregnant. I was still in a fog from having just become intimately acquainted with medical terms no person with access to the Internet should ever be in possession of, and while miraculously turning up pregnant should have cured my depression overnight, it didn’t, not exactly anyway. I was happy, or maybe relieved is more accurate, and I managed to forgive that bullshit fertility doctor who called me old when I am fresh and shiny as the morning dew, but I wasn’t over the moon. Edges were soft; a hazy sheen muted the good times.

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